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75 Thabo Sehume St. Pretoria South Africa 0001


Hi, I’m Terese! Are you ready to take a journey

within and come through it feeling more free

and grounded?


Due to a higher calling (more about that later), I became a

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. The work that I do

is not just my business, it’s my passion.


I had always known that listening was one of my greatest skills and

I wanted to touch lives in a positive way. My gift is to help individuals

rewrite their path leading them to a greater sense of renewal, strength and freedom.


How did my journey start?


Becoming a therapist was solidified for me after going through my own struggles and using therapy to heal my life.


The experience of rewriting my path was not easy, but lead to so much growth and transformation. Therapy and different coping techniques are still an important part of my life which help me maintain my sense of freedom and confidence.


As I expand my knowledge and skills, I also feel that it is important as a therapist to experience what it is like to be in the client seat.


What I've learned is that each person's journey is unique and the path to healing will never look exactly the same. My goal for all of my clients is for them to leave therapy feeling the same sense of renewal, strength and freedom that I did after going on my journey.