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Therapy is a very rewarding journey if you commit to it. Today we are all looking for the quick fix, but to get true resolve in your life you have to take time to do the work and go through the healing process.


Too often people reach out to me in hopes of solving their issue in one session. Instead of looking for results in one session let’s talk about how true results are achieved over time.


What to Expect:


Your first session or two will be what is called an intake session. This is my opportunity to get to know who you are and all of your history. This will be the time where I will help you unfold your life story.


As intimidating as this sounds I can assure you that we will go at your own pace, and I will be there to guide you along the way. Providing a safe environment for my clients is my first and foremost focus. Your history is an important part of therapy, because often current issues are connected to something from our past.


After the first two sessions of unfolding your history, you will take the lead of our sessions. I will invite you to share whatever is most pressing on your mind. We will go from there and let the sessions unfold.


The process is different for everyone, and I can’t tell you exactly what to expect. As we get into the sessions we will then determine if you would benefit from EMDR or Somatic techniques. If so, I will talk with you about these approaches and we will plan on when to incorporate them. More information can be read about these techniques on the FAQ page.


Therapy works best with consistency and frequency. It is best to plan on coming weekly and for some people twice a week. The time frame for how long therapy lasts is really individualized and depends on what is uncovered during the session. However, I would plan on at least three months of weekly sessions if you want to see some progress.


Therapy Services:


The types of clients I see and the areas I specialize in are listed below.


Clients include individuals, couples, and adolescents with the following the following varying issues: 


        Trauma and PTSD

        Relationship Issues             



        Pre and Postnatal Concerns

        Adolescent Transitions and Concerns

        Couples Counseling

        Chronic Pain


        Transitional Life Phases (i.e. starting/ending college, new marriage, new baby, etc.)






The typical length for an individual session is 50 minutes. Couple and family sessions are 75 minutes. Fee is based time. Contact me for my current rates. 


I accept cash, check and all major credit cards. I do offer a small sliding scale for those in need.


The Finer Details:


If you have to cancel your session I require that you do so within 24 hours of your session start time. If cancellation is not made within this time frame you are responsible for payment of the missed session.


I am also an out of network provider for Tricare insurance. There is no refunds or guarantees for therapy sessions. The best guarantee is showing up and being willing to do the work and face your issues.


Therapy is the one of the best investments you can make. When we have clarity of mind, peace in our heart, and overall mental and physical health we can enjoy life more completely and wholly. Once you go through the therapy process you will see how the work you did will benefit all areas of your life leaving you more fulfilled and at peace.